My dear sisters, it is so pathetic that you’re going through a difficult time, I can understand your plights – the loneliness and brooding. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, smile as I have some words of encouragement and useful pieces of advice for you:
• Allow yourself to grieve; it’s okay to feel sad, angry and hurt. Give yourself time to process your emotions and get relieved.
• Focus on self-care; take care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Engage in activities that bring you joy and help you relax.
• Seek support; reach out to loved ones, friends, or a therapist for emotional support. Always talk to those who understand you and your journey when necessary, and avoid overthinking to overcome depression.
• Take responsibility for your life; focus on what you can control and make positive changes to create a fulfilling life.
• Set boundaries; establish healthy boundaries with your ex, if necessary, to protect your emotional well-being. You still have a long way to go as a bright future awaits you, divorce is not the end of life. Cheer up!
• Forgive and let go; forgiveness is a process. Try to release the negative emotions and move forward, it isn’t easy though, but you have to let go.
• Rediscover yourself; explore new hobbies, interests, and goals. Find your identity and passions outside of your previous relationship.
• Trust Allãh’s plan; have faith that Allãh has a better plan for you, Allãh will not take something from a believer except that He replaces it with a better option. Trust in His wisdom and timing.
• Remember, you’re strong and capable; you’ve survived every difficult moment in your life so far, and you can continue to do so. Note that life is nothing but a test, affliction.
Remember, my dear divorced sisters, you are not alone. You are loved by Allãh, you’re valued, and deserving of happiness. Keep moving forward, and know affirmatively that a brighter future awaits you.
Hope my advice is helpful. You’ll be fine, trust me. Adhere to Allãh and you’ll have a rest of mind.
Abdulsalam Abdullahi Oladimeji
(Abu Fãtimah Ọládoyin)
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