For almost a decade, we have good marital relationship together, my husband is my world. He has demonstrated the true meaning of responsibility because if I buy anything with my money, he will make sure he returns it to me. Before, I used to think if anything happens to our marriage, I wonder how he will be able to cope because the love he has for me is unexplainable.
At a point, he started withdrawing, I thought I had offended him, so I sat him down and advised we should resolve our differences. He said I did not offend him but he’s not excited about our relationship like before, I became frightened.
My husband can go one or two months without asking for intercourse until I ask for it. This is a person who cannot resist me because I am very attractive, so he’s always telling me how beautiful I am.
He did not stop being responsible, he provides for me and his children, he does not stay up late at night, and I know he’s not seeing another woman or planning to marry a second wife. But my husband finds it difficult to relate with me like a wife. He told me that if he sees a beautiful lady, he feels like a man, but each time he sees me, he will not feel anything, it is as if I am a mahram to him, a family member with whom marriage would be considered permanently unlawful.
When I could not take it anymore, I threatened him that I would be leaving the marriage, he begged me not to leave because of the children, but the love he had for me was gone he added that having any romantic or intimate relationship with me will be difficult henceforth because he’s not attracted.
Abu Sheikh
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