As time goes by, if he discovers that his financial and sexual strengths can accommodate other women, then, he should extend his responsibility in plural marriage.
By all standards, you do not venture into what you cannot handle, imagine a man saying, ‘I want to marry a second wife because all my friends have done it”, this is so wrong. You have to be ready and prepared for the journey, not just because others are doing it.
Your wife is seriously complaining about the performance in the other room, for more than eight years of your marriage, she has never experienced orgasm, it has always been ten seconds, till another month, funny enough, men in this category will be seeking additional wives, telling you, they need young and active sister, yet they do not have what it takes.
My brother, if anyone is deceiving you, please do not lie to yourself, it is understandable when you marry one wife while you are still looking for bearing, it will not be acceptable to marry a second wife without financial capacity, it will only show you do not understand what it means to practice plural marriage.
Monogamy is recommended for those men who cannot afford to practise polygyny, both the rich and poor, and ten-second men can still manage to keep a monogamous marriage, but it is a different situation if you are going to practise polygamous marriage.
If you are managing a room and parlour apartment, and your wife is practically paying the rent and other things, yet you are seriously searching for a second wife, then you are not a candidate for polygyny. Only those who can afford marriage should embark on the journey.
Abu Sheikh
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