Conflict in marriage is almost inevitable, the husband or wife must be careful not to turn disagreement to physical combat. One should be able to avoid confrontation with the other person. You can get a foe in the workplace, school, social media, relationships, marriage etc.

It is important to identify the excesses of people, so when it appears the discussion is going personal, please excuse yourself from trouble. All in the name of correcting the other person, you can become their enemies if you want to force your opinion on them. We seek peace of mind, that is why you should insist on being in an environment where you will be appreciated, not managed.
There is danger in domestic violence, a slap can land you in jail if your spouse becomes a victim. One should know when to leave an argument, keeping quiet or avoiding tense situations will not make you a fool. The decision of the brother to reject an intending sister is not harsh, he monitored her on social media and discovered that she was at loggerheads with almost everyone, so he decided to run and cancel the wedding arrangement.
Little things have kept some people in prison and others are regretting their actions, what they should have avoided put them in difficult conditions, you do not need to offend anyone before they make themselves your enemies. “I will show him/her,’ When you get this attitude towards you from anyone, it is time to say goodbye.
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