1. When a woman is humble, she becomes a natural charm to her husband
  2. When a woman is submissive, she gets what she desires from her husband
  3. When a woman is trustworthy, she can control her husband’s finances
  4. When a woman is hospitable, she can host her husband’s meeting
  5. When a woman is friendly, she becomes her husband’s best friend
  6. When a woman is jovial and playful, she can unlock her husband’s sad mood
  7. When a woman is appreciative, she receives unexpected gifts from her husband
  8. When a woman is respectful, she can attend her husband’s cultural meetings with him
  9. When a woman is understanding, her husband feels free to tell her even the ugly
  10. When a woman is peaceful, her husband comes rushing home each time
  11. When a woman is tender-hearted, she makes a great mother to her kids
  12. When a woman is slow-tempered, she knows when to approach her husband in times of misunderstanding and arguments
  13. When a woman is not vulnerable, she is loved by her husband
  14. When a woman does not keep secrets from her husband, her husband tells her his every move
  15. When a woman is prayerful, she becomes a powerful support system for her husband
  16. When a woman is God fearing, she sets her home on the principles of God the Almighty
  17. When a woman is selfless, her husband relies completely on her
  18. When a woman is creative, she and her husband can figure out the future together
    Unfortunately, when you are not any of these, it becomes so hard for you to enjoy marriage.
    Seek God’s help to become any of the above, you can’t do it on your own.

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