Communication in marriage is neither a man’s nor a woman’s responsibility, so effective communication occurs between both husband and wife. Nowadays, a lack of communication is killing a lot of marriages.

How do we start effective communication in our matrimonial homes?

In most homes early morning greetings are not there which is very bad, greetings are a sign of respect in our communities. We are not here to correct our husbands but we the wives to spicy our homes. As a woman or a wife let’s put arrogance aside and make our homes peaceful.

Humbleness is also a form of communication in my own way, let’s welcome our husbands with smiles before giving them water. After the water ask him sweetly how his day went. Crake jokes are also a form of communication, stop frowning your face. Return to bed with memories of the past to laugh. Let’s learn to forgive each other. Seek forgiveness verbally or through text message. To my sisters, please let go of the mindset of will go. Communicate whiles having sex, communicate whiles watching TV, communicate whiles eating, and communicate through the phone whiles you’re far from each other by calling to check on him and see how his day is going. All this can solve or save someone’s marriage.

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