“Why do you want to marry him? I want to marry him because of the Deen.”

This statement is so deeper than the way we take it. We should by now know that there is a big difference between religiosity and compatibility. The deen for some people ends with the appearance of the person they want to marry, while others think once you can copy and paste Qur’an and Hadith or recite, then you have the Deen.
We have to differentiate between knowledge and understanding of the deen, most times, we fall for the knowledge of the intending partner, but pay less attention to understanding of it. This is a big mistake. There are Muslims you cannot marry, not because they are bad, but due to the level of their understanding of the religion, if you go ahead and tie the knot with them, you might have a problem.
The individual wearing the appearance is more than important, look out for how he or she relates with people, and then you will understand what you are going to do. The real character of your wife is the one she shows to the house help, you can see how derogatory she goes while talking to other people the favour she gets from you might determine the way she currently honours you.
You have to search for a man of character, not the one that wears the appearance without proper understanding. When a man wants to catch a ‘lady’, he pretends, but after the game, he shows you the red card. Today, we are seeing Niqabite sisters dancing to hip-hop on TikTok. We have recently seen a person who travelled to the holy Land, dancing in front of ka’ bah.
Remember, the character of the brother or sister you intend to marry must mirror the religion. The problem is that intending partners tend to pay attention to appearance and neglect character, the result of this error is in the public domain.
Source: Abu Sheikh
Abu Sheikh
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