“I’ve been close to my cousin for a long time, and recently we’ve developed feelings for each other beyond our family bond. We’re considering getting married, but we’re unsure if it’s the right decision.
Although we are Muslims and I heard it’s allowed Islamically for us to marry each other, I’m just being sceptical about it.
I know some cultures and religions allow cousin marriages, but I’m aware it’s not legal or accepted in many places. I’m torn between following my heart and respecting myself because I don’t know how our parents would feel.
And there are some times I told him to find another lover, but he just continues sticking and sticking to me.
I was just naive then, that’s what he promised me. Sometimes he would want to force himself on me when we started because I stated clearly that no sex.
Moreover, I just discovered that I’m pregnant with him, and that was the first time I had sex with him and it turned out this way, and that was during Salah time, ( he deflowered me) I just through with my service and flourishing with my business and he’s doing well also financially so we are fit to get married. Please kindly note that he’s my 3rd cousin’s great-grandparent.
Abu Sheikh
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