Multiple Internship Opportunities In Africa

We are an innovative startup on a mission to revolutionize customer communication for businesses across Africa. We offer a centralized voice communication platform that equips entrepreneurs to manage customer interactions like global giants.
Who We’re Looking For:
Do you love a challenge? Are you smart, adaptable, and keen to make an impact? We’re offering multiple internship roles across our company for individuals who fit this profile. Each role provides a unique opportunity to contribute meaningfully to our mission while honing your skills in a dynamic startup environment.
Roles Available:
  • Technical Product Management Intern
  • Product Design Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Social Media Intern
  • Backend Developer Intern
Who You Are:

  • Smart: You bring intelligence and problem-solving skills to tackle complex challenges.
  • Excellent Communicator: You express ideas clearly and adapt your communication style to different contexts.
  • Tech-Savvy: You’re comfortable using various software tools and quickly adapt to new technologies.
  • Love a Challenge: The idea of diving into ambiguous projects excites you.
  • Eager to Learn: Open to picking up new skills or tools, and quick to adapt to changing scenarios.
  • Detail-Oriented: Regardless of your role, you have a keen eye for details.
General Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with respective team leads to contribute to projects.
  • Stay updated with industry trends and tools that can make you more effective.
  • Understand and align with the company’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Be proactive in identifying challenges and proposing solutions.
Why You Might Hesitate:

  • We’re still in the growing phase, which means there’s some organized chaos you’d have to adapt to.
  • The roles are demanding; they require your full focus and commitment.

How to Apply

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