Maturity is usually combined with modesty and humility. While you are with an intending partner, you need to be very sure if it is love or lust that is driving you towards marriage. At times, it is difficult to differentiate if you are not conscientious.

Many people today go into marriage through lustful means, and this is one of the reasons why marriages do not last. The most disturbing aspect is that irrespective of your level of education or religiosity, you can be a victim if you are not smart.
Decency is for me the single factor that separates a good relationship from a bad one. It is erroneous to think that when the foundation is faulty, the building can stand, we cannot erect something on nothing, if you desire a good outcome with your relationships, be decent!
You can be seeking a good marriage, and still be deceiving yourself. For a person whom you already have sexual memories about in a mere relationship, the background check to hire in getting findings about your to-be husband or wife may not be necessary because you have compromised the process.
It is always a wasted effort trying to do the needful after sexual contact, you are already getting married unmerited. Even when red flags are discovered, you will still prefer the bearer, in practical terms, the infatuation or emotional attachment beclouds the sense of reasoning and decency at that time.
Some believe that even when physical contact is established, sin cannot be committed, this is not true, lustful actions can be done on phone in the recent times. Immoral acts are happening between men and women on the phone, a very disgusting narrative. Many intending partners are committing immorality because they throw caution in the wind.
Some ladies present themselves like ‘pure water’ before their unmarried partners, yet they want to be seen as ‘Rose Royce Car’ in the same relationship or marriage, if you know your worth, you will not give it for free, you need to earn respect if you want it. When he is not decent, you have no business with a loose partner.
If you observe, some men desire decent ladies, yet they deflower them when they find the opportunity, abandon them and still search for other decent ladies, if you are not as smart as a lady, you will be used by these uncultured men. They will tongue lash you for being a non-virgin, that you are not marriageable, yet they know you did not deflower yourself, there is a rude boy behind the sinful story.
Abu Sheikh
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