Al Jazeera Shut Down In Israel For Broadcasting The Truth

Israel okays emergency regulations to close Al Jazeera office in Israel
The Israeli government on Friday approved emergency regulations that allow the closing of the office of Al Jazeera news channel in Israel.
Israeli public broadcaster KAN said under the regulations, the Al Jazeera office may be closed and all its equipment be confiscated.
KAN added that Israeli officials believe that Al Jazeera coverage harms Israel’s national security.
The Israeli i24 news website quoted an Israeli statement as saying the Al Jazeera network “broadcasts propaganda in the service of Hamas in Arabic and English to viewers all over the world.”
Al Jazeera network had denied all these allegations but has yet to comment on the latest Israeli decision.
Qatar-based Al Jazeera television is considered one of the main media networks that is fully covering the situation in Gaza, Israel, and southern Lebanon.

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